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Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

We offer tennis lessons for all ages: from 4 - 80+. We have great professional instructors, private and group lessons.

Family Swim Club

Family Swim Club

With four pools, two family and two adult only, we accommodate everyone of our members.

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

We offer safe swim lessons for children of all ages. We offer group and private lessons.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

With twelve tennis courts, you can play single, doubles, tournaments and more.

Family-Friendly Tennis

Family-Friendly Tennis

We are a family friendly club. We want our members of all ages to feel comfortable and happy.

La Cantera Tennis and Racquet

La Cantera Racquet & Swim Club feautures 12 tennis courts. We also offer outstanding professional instructors, individual or group instruction, as well as private tennis and racquet opportunities. Whether you are looking for lessons or just a great place to play, we have the best club in Santa Rosa.

La Cantera Junior Tennis


We are looking forward to the La Cantera Tennis Academy again this summer. It is a three days/week, five hours/day program for highly motivated juniors who are looking to get intense training throughout the summer vacation. This summer program is outstanding for dedicated juniors.

La Cantera Swim Santa Rosa

With four pools, including a 25 yard pool, we offer swim lessons and a safe environment for swimming laps and a family-fun experience. We have lifeguards, and a great atmosphere for children and adults. Whether you are looking to have a fun-family day, a workout or a relaxing pool day, enjoy our pools.

La Cantera Racquet and Swim Club Membership

Want to take advantage of all of our outstanding club benefits? We have fantastic membership options for singles, couples and familieis. If you are interested in finding out more about La Cantera please give us a call at: 707-544-9494. We look forward to having you join our club!

La Cantera Racquet and Swim Club Santa Rosa

Not only do we have a great tennis and racquet club and a beautiful swimming pool, we also have a clubhouse, dining and drinks. We offer great service, professional staff and great food and drinks. We want you to enjoy your entire experience at La Cantera Racquet & Swim Club. 

La Cantera Racquet and Swim Club Events


We have various special and private events at La Cantera Racquet & Swim Club. We update our members on a regular basis for all of our special events. If you are a member looking to have a private event at the club, please feel free to contact us for our various options for birthdays and such.

This 9-week, full-summer program offers ex- tensive training for motivated players with previous training who have a desire to take their tennis to a higher level. This includes current tournament and high school players

as well as players who are building the skills
necessary to participate in competitive tennis
but who have not done so yet. Students will
participate in skill-building drills, fitness

exercises, match-play and lectures. There
will be a tournament road trip during the sum-
mer with one of the pros accompanying the
group. Pros will also advise players on addi-

tional tournament opportunities that are ap-
propriate to consider entering. Admittance to
this program is by pro evaluation.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
for 5 hours a day split between a morning
session and an afternoon session.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 7:00 AM-10:00

AM, 12:00 noon-2:00 PM. Fridays: 8:30 AM-
11:30 AM, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM.

Cost Full summer option: $1600.00 for 9
weeks. Weekly option: $225.00/week.

This 8 week, full-summer program offers training for players who are ready to move beyond intermediate camps and begin build- ing their competitive tennis skills but prefer not to participate on a full-time basis.


Students will participate in drills, fitness and match-play. Pros will advise players about tournament opportunities available in Nor Cal that are appropriate to enter. Admittance is by pro evaluation.


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 AM-1:30 PM, Wednesdays, 3:00 PM-5:30 PM.


Full summer option: $725.00 for 8 weeks. Weekly option: $110.00/week.

La Cantera Junior Tennis Summer Camps



An introduction to tennis the fun way is our

goal. This class is light on instruction, but heavy on fun and tennis games. Kids will be introduced to the strokes, while playing fun games like tennis baseball. There will be two Kinder camps offered this summer. They will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday for two weeks from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon. Maximum student-pro ratio of 4 to 1.

Cost $84

#1 June 5 - June 16

#2 June 19 - June 30

#3 July 17 - July 28

11 AM-12 PM


8 - 18 YEARS OLD

These camps are designed to give
juniors an enjoyable eight days of
exposure to tennis while at the same
time developing the necessary skills to

become a champion. Juniors will work
on all the basic strokes with our
professional staff. Juniors also can
expect informative and enjoyable

insight into the game with lectures,
demonstrations and trivia sessions.
The camp will offer games,
competition, refreshments, prizes,

awards and t-shirts(Student’s first
session only). Student-Pro ratio of 5 to 1.

Cost: $210.00 (except Session 3,
$184.00 & Session 5, $105.00)

4 days/wk for two weeks–8 hours
instruction, Monday-Thursday

(Member sign-ups for the Beg/Int camps
open on Mar. 30th and Non-member
sign-ups open up on Apr. 10th. Sign-
ups received prior to these dates will be
processed on these dates.)


Cost: Cost: $195.00 (except Session 3, $170.00 & Session 5, $99.00)

4 days/wk –8 hours instruction Monday-Thursday

To Register:

Contact Erin Morales at 707-544-9494 

This program gives juniors a chance to play matches against juniors from other local clubs and programs. Juniors will have the opportunity to play matches at least once a week. On weeks without a team match, inter- team challenge matches will be arranged. Team tennis begins in June and runs through July. There are teams for boys and girls from 8-18 years old.



Cost $40

To Register: Contact Erin Morales at 544-9494 

La Cantera Members, Tennis Tech participants or summer camp players only

Beginner/Intermediate (Mon- Thurs)

9am - 11am or 4pm - 6pm


#1 June 5 - June 15


#2 June 19 - June 29


#3 July 3 - July 13

(No July 4, 7 days, $184.00)

#4 July 17 - July 27


#5 July 31 - Aug 3

(4 days, $105.00)


Kinder Tennis (Monday, Wed, Friday)

11am - 12pm Noon


#1 June 5 - June 16

#2 June 19 - June 30

#3 July 17 - July 28

11 AM-12 PM

La Cantera Swim Season and Lessons

La Cantera Tennis Tech


Dear Swimmers,


We, along with you, are looking forward to summer. In order to help with your summer plans, please review the information below. We currently plan to offer nine weeks of swim lessons begin- ning June 5th. All lessons are private lessons, though any lesson can be a semi-private lesson if in- terested. Semi-private lessons are only recommended if the swimmers are of the same ability level. Sign-ups for members open on March 30th by phone or in-person at 10:00 AM. Non-member sign-ups will begin by phone or in-person on Monday, April 10th at 9:00 AM with assistance from the clubhouse staff.

Swim lesson fees are as follows:

Swim lesson fees are as follows:
15 min. session private lessons with swim staff offered throughout the morning.

$19.00 members $23.00 non-members

15 min. session private lessons with Senior Staff And all afternoon private lessons.

$22.00 members $25.00 non-members

Please note the Cancellation Policy which will be as follows:
8 Days Notice or more for cancellation or rescheduling - Full Refund, No Surcharge 

3 Days to One Week Notice for cancellation - 50% Refund or rescheduling
with 15% Surcharge
Less than 3 Days Notice for cancellation - Non-refundable
or rescheduling-25% Surcharge

If you have any questions after reviewing this schedule please feel free to email to or call the club phone and leave a message.


Erin Morales

Club Director

Summer Swim Team:

Summer Swim Team: Offered eight weeks of the summer beginning June 5th. The swim team meets at 8:00-8:45 AM on M/W/F for eight weeks of summer beginning June 5th. There will be an additional T/Th group if needed. This program is appropriate for swimmers who have become familiar with all four strokes including butterfly and are ready for a workout that includes swimming full lengths of the 25 yard pool. The minimum cost/attendance is four weeks. The pricing is $30.00/ week for La Cantera members with a $180.00 maximum, $39.00/week with a $234.00 maximum for non-members. If there is a T/Th group, the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. If you have any questions after reviewing this schedule please feel free to call the club to speak to Erin. Sincerely, Erin Morales

Descriptions of Swim Classes

Ages 3 and up - no swimming experience necessary.

Skills taught:

1. Water adjustment
2. Confidence in water
3. Bobbing and blowing bubbles
4. Putting face in water
5. Beginning arm movement and kicking 6. Confidence on back

Ages 3 and up and able to perform Level 1 skills.

Skills taught:

1. Front float with kick
2. Back float with kick

3. Rhythmic breathing
4. Finning and sculling on back
5. Jump in and swim to side
6. Combined arm and kick movements, beginning freestyle

Should be able to perform Level II skills.


Skills taught:

1. Improve freestyle

2. Swim 20 yards freestyle with rhythmic breathing 3. Elementary backstroke
4. Backstroke
5. Diving

6. Safety skills

Should be able to perform Level III skills.


Skills taught:

1. Improve endurance and skills in the freestyle and

2. Breaststroke kick
3. Breaststroke arms
4. Treading water
5. Safety skills continued

Should be able to perform all Level IV skills.

Skills taught:

1. Refinement and endurance for freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke

2. Treading water
3. Diving, starts and turns 4. Butterfly
5. Endurance swim

Should be able to perform all Level IV skills.


Skills taught.


1. Refinement and endurance for freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke

2. Treading water
3. Diving, starts and turns 4. Butterfly
5. Endurance swim

What La Cantera Racquet & Swim Club Offers

La Cantera Junior Tennis Summer


*Club facilities may differ from photos. Photos, facilities and club information are subject to change at anytime

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